Parker Hydraulic Filtration & Monitoring

filtración hidráulica
Our Parker lubricant diagnostics, monitoring, and filtration systems offer advanced solutions for a wide variety of mobile and industrial applications:
* Designed to maximize component life in hydraulic and lubrication systems.
* Savings in operating costs and reduction of environmental impact.
* State-of-the-art technology that supports innovation in equipment.
* Industrial-scale filtration, for hydraulic oil and lubrication systems.
* From maritime and naval equipment to the generation of electricity and renewable energy.
* Wide range of high, medium and low pressure multi-purpose filters, as well as customized solutions.
* Optimal productivity, monitoring, reliability and safety.
* Monitoring of systems and protection of the client's investment.


We have a Comprehensive Health System in 3 stages:


  • Condition monitoring.
  • Oil analysis and monitoring.


  • Oil Filtration and Purification.
  • 5MFP & 10MFP Filtration Cart
  • GUARDIAN 4 gpm filter unit.
  • Fixed filtration units 20 UPF 20 gpm.
  • Sub micron removal (SMR).
  • Purification of tanks up to 100 lt.


  • Low pressure filters.
  • Medium pressure filters.
  • High pressure filters.
  • Return filters.
  • Filter elements.

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